In response to an opinion piece called Trump Should Unshackle Innovation in Ag Biotechnology printed in Lancaster Farming on April 8, 2017, GMO Free PA submitted an editorial response with the hope that it will appear in the issue published on Earth Day 2017. GMO Free PA is committed to connecting farms, food businesses and eaters in Pennsylvania, with the goal of creating a sustainable farming system that produces nutritious food for all.

Read Trump Should Unshackle Innovation in Ag Biotechnology here.

This is our rebuttal:

On Earth Day Embrace Sustainable Agriculture

L. Val Giddings made claims that biotechnology has been “stymied” by “overly cautious regulations,” in his opinion piece (Lancaster Farming, April 8, 2017, Trump Should Unshackle Innovation in Ag Technology). Before we examine Giddings’ questionable claims that genetic engineering (or genetic modification, GM, or GMO) has produced safer and more sustainable crops, let’s investigate Gidding’s backstory.

First, according to, “Dr. Luther Val Giddings is the former Vice President for Food & Agriculture of the Washington DC-based Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the industry’s major trade lobby which represents such corporate giants as DuPont, Monsanto and Syngenta. Giddings’ specific responsibility at BIO [was] to promote GM crops.” Giddings cannot be regarded an impartial commentator on this subject.  

Consider the timing of last week’s op-ed. Giddings’ pro-GMO commentary suddenly re-emerged just as a new 450-page book called Transgenic Crops: Hazards and Uncertainties was published, which documents over 750 studies disregarded by GMO regulatory bodies.

Next, let’s dissect what Giddings claims is the safety and efficacy of GMOs.

Read the full article here.

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