Are you participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?  The National day of sign up and it is on February 26, 2016.  Small Farm Central is the creator of CSA Day and they
are also having a video contest.  The winner of the video contest will receive $1000.00 for just answering the question, “What does CSA mean to you?”  I will tell you what it means me: freshness, taste, health, community, environment, growing methods and understanding on how my food is grown.  I like to know that my food dollars are going directly to a farmer that I trust. 

My farmers are Trey and Deirdre Fleming, Two Gander Farm, and they have been providing food for my family for the past six years.  When I started buying from them they were using organic methods, and they are now certified organic! Their drop off is at the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market, which is very convenient for me.  There are many CSA around the Philly area, and they have many different CSA plans. 

Please do some little research and planning when you are first shopping around for a CSA, since there is a learning curve when you first start up and after you receive your first box. One of the first question may be, “What do I do with this vegetable?”  Ask a lot of questions, be open and supportive.  Hence the name of the program, you are the community that is supporting the Farmer (agriculture).  You are investing; you are part of the insurance policy; you help make it possible for that farmer to plant, care for and harvest the plants that come to your plate in your home. This support is also a gift to you, and you will discover those benefits in your own time.  My box is a treasure chest bursting with color, flavor, and love. It’s amazing how vegetables can change your way of thinking and it all started with a box.

Here are some other websites to look up CSA’s.    

PASA’s CSA guide 

Local Harvest

Biodynamic CSA guide

Small Farm Central – PA

GMO Free PA- Consumers Need to Know

Local Cheese CSA’s in PA

HillAcres Pride

Yellow Spring Farms


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