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What’s on our plate?

The GMO Free PA community is a connection with those that desire to live a non-GM/organic lifestyle. We also work to support policies that affect us. We discuss clean food, animal husbandry, farming methods, food policy, environment, soil, seeds, bees, gardening and more.

We are consumers who are involved with how food comes to our plate. Policies at all levels of Congress, the Commonwealth and local government bring food to our plates. It starts with the Farm Bill, and extends to the health department and local school rules. The plate is in our schools, institutions, restaurants and homes. We desire to work in tandem to be that united voice creating a positive environment when sharing the aspect of living a non-GMO/organic lifestyle.

The impact of genetic engineering is here to stay, but we can work to share our experiences with gardening, soil, bees and animal husbandry, and share farming contacts, natural health knowledge, wild food sources, permaculture and organic information to make a difference in our lives. There are impacts of GMOs on the environment and health and we work in tandem to have a stronger voice in these convictions.

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