Below please find books and videos that help consumers understand GMOs, the toxic chemicals that plague our world and what we can do to keep us and our families healthy and safe.

We have also added the ISBN numbers so that you can ask your local libraries to carry these books to educate the public. We hope you enjoy our selections.


Suggested Books to Read:

1. Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public – Written by Steven Druker
Publication Date: November 7, 2014
Description: Altered Genes, Twisted Truth provides a graphic account of how this elaborate fraud was crafted and how it not only deceived the general public, but Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and a host of other astute and influential individuals as well. The book also exposes how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was induced to become a key accomplice–and how it has broken the law and repeatedly lied in order to usher genetically engineered foods onto the market without the safety testing that’s required by federal statute. As a result, for fifteen years America’s families have been regularly ingesting a group of novel products that the FDA’s own scientific staff had previously determined to be unduly hazardous to human health.
ISBN-13: 978-0985616915
ISBN-10: 0985616911

2. Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating – Written by Jeffrey Smith
Publication Date: September 1, 2003
Description: This explosive exposé reveals what the biotech industry doesn’t want you to know how industry manipulation and political collusion, not sound science, allow dangerous genetically engineered food into your daily diet. Company research is rigged, alarming evidence of health dangers is covered up, and intense political pressure applied.
ISBN: 9780972966580

3. Your Right To Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food – Written by Andrew Kimbrell with a foreword by Nell Newman
Publication Date: February 8, 2007
Description: This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute guide on the very real dangers genetically engineered foods present to our health, the environment, and farm communities. It provides you with all the necessary tools to understand this critical food issue, to choose to avoid GE foods and to become an active participant in the fight for an organic, environmentally sustainable and socially just food future. Special hardcover edition includes the DVD, Future of Food.
ISBN-10: 1932771190
ISBN-13: 978-1932771190

4. GMO TOXIC TABLE: An Introduction to the GMO FOOD Disaster – A Crime Against Humanity (Kindle Only) – Written by Jean E. Wayne
Publication Date: December 27, 2012
Description: An Introduction to the GMO Disaster – A Crime Against Humanity. Multinational companies have been granted a “Patent” for Life! The very seed provided by God as the perfect health for man is forever being altered. Once we have lost the organic seed and soil, it is gone forever. We the people of the World have a right to healthy Food, Water & Air.
ISBN 978-9279163449

5. The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World’s Food Supply – Written by Robin, Marie-Monique
Publication Date: January 3, 2012
Description: The result of a remarkable three-year-long investigation that took award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin across four continents (North and South America, Europe, and Asia), The World According to Monsanto tells the little-known yet shocking story of this agribusiness giant—the world’s leading producer of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)—and how its new “green” face is no less malign than its PCB- and Agent Orange–soaked past.
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1595584269

6. Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation -Written by William F. Engdahl
Publication Date: November 20, 2007
Description: This skillfully researched book focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish its control over the very basis of human survival, the provision of our daily bread. Control the food and you control the people.
ISBN-10: 0973714727
ISBN-13: 978-0973714722

7. GMO Free – Written by a Biochemist, Mae Wan Ho
Publication Date: February 15, 2007
Description:  The genetic engineering of food crops is an ecological hazard and health crisis that affects us all. Its consequences are global and potentially irrevocable. Yet the decision to use genetically modified organisms is currently being made for you by the government and major multinational corporations.
ISBN-10: 1890612375
ISBN-13: 978-1890612375

8. The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food – Written by Janisse Ray
Publication Date: July 6, 2012
Description:  Across the country, a renaissance of local-food, local-farming,and place-based culinary traditions is taking hold. And yet something small,critically important, and profoundly at risk is being overlooked in this local-food resurgence: seeds. We are losing our seeds. Of the thousands of seed varieties available at the turn of the 20th century, 94 percent have been lost—forever.
ISBN: 9781603583060

9. Safe Food: The Politics of Food Safety (California Studies in Food and Culture) – Written by Marion Nestle
Publication Date: June 15, 2010
Description:  Food safety is a matter of intense public concern, and for good reason. Millions of annual cases of food “poisonings” raise alarm not only about the food served in restaurants and fast-food outlets but also about foods bought in supermarkets. The introduction of genetically modified foods—immediately dubbed “Frankenfoods”—only adds to the general sense of unease.
ISBN: 9780520266063

10. Drift – An Ecological Thriller about Genetically Modified Foods and Pharmaceuticals. – Written by Jon McGoran
Publication Date: July 9, 2013
Description: Doyle Carrick is not having a good year. First, he buries his mother, and then he gets suspended from his job as a Philadelphia narcotics cop. He decides to take the forced time off to settle his parents’ affairs at the farmhouse they had bought in rural Pennsylvania. Surprises await; he discovers a young farmhand staying in the house, spots some known drug dealers driving around town, and finds a couple of burned-down meth houses in the not-so-idyllic burg. He falls for his neighbor, a passionate young woman trying to make a go of her organic farm, and she educates Carrick on the genetically modified food industry.
ISBN-10: 0765334704
ISBN-13: 978-0765334701

11. The Non-GMO Cookbook: Recipes and Advice for a Non-GMO Lifestyle – Written by by Megan Westgate, Courtney Pineau
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Description:  From the heart of the Non-GMO movement comes a collection of recipes and advice for healthy living. Here in the United States, unlabeled GMOs (genetically modified organisms) contaminate as much as 80 percent of the packaged food supply. These novel organisms have never undergone long-term human safety tests, and are labeled or banned in more than sixty countries around the world.
ISBN: 978-1626360846

12. Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers – Written by Ronnie Cummings
Publication Date: June 29, 2004
Description:  Stormy debates about genetically engineered (GE) food have raged throughout the world in recent years, and the issue is now more potent than ever. Seventy to eighty percent of processed foods now sold in supermarkets contain genetically engineered ingredients, and the trend is growing at a startling rate. This second, completely revised edition of Genetically Engineered Food is an all-in-one guide written specifically to help consumers educate themselves about the risks posed by GE foods.
Page Numbers Source ISBN:1569244693

13. Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA: A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick – December 3, 2009 – Written by Catherine J. Frompovich
Publication Date: December 3, 2009
Description:  From the Industrial revolution and onward, the world has become an environment that is overflowing with dangerous toxins. Mass manufacturing has resulted in thousands of chemical pollutants being released in the atmosphere, water, and soil. As well, there has been a widespread increase of chemicals being added to almost every type of food and retail product. With this overwhelming chemical exposure, there has been an increase in research and studies showing the life threatening impacts on our health and well being.
ISBN-10: 1439255369
ISBN-13: 978-1439255360

14. Food Tyrants: Fight for Your Right to Healthy Food in a Toxic World – Written by Nicole Faires
Publication Date: June 4, 2013
Description:  When author and homesteader Nicole Faires decided toretrofit an old school bus and tour America’s small farms with her husband and two small children, she expected to learn a lot, be inspired, and have somefun. But what she found disturbed her. Mismanaged small farms;clueless urbanites setting up shop to “get back to the land”; a mindless devotion to organic farming; and, ultimately, the discovery of just how dependent we are on corporations for our food. She began to understand how dangerous and fragile our food system really is.
ISBN-10: 1616088656
ISBN-13: 978-1616088651

15. Toxic Food Supply: a simple guide for reclaiming your health. – Written by Martha Sky Radford
Publishing Date: April 19, 2010
Description: Sky Radford, a newcomer in the field of food-related issues, offers a synthesized crash course in Health Wisdom. In this white paper, she skillfully illustrates the connection between the Ubiquitous Industrial Food Supply and the Epidemic of Chronic Health problems plaguing the population of the 21st Century. Included as a bonus, ‘The (21st Century) Pioneer Diet’ is an indispensable straightforward one page rule book, which specifically states how to clean up your food world in short order!
ISBN-10: 0982584016
ISBN-13: 978-0982584019

16. The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick – And What We Can Do About It – Written by Robyn O’Brien
Publishing Date: May 5, 2009
Description: Robyn O’Brien is not the most likely candidate for an antiestablishment crusade. A Houston native from a conservative family, this MBA and married mother of four was not someone who gave much thought to misguided government agencies and chemicals in our food—until the day her youngest daughter had a violent allergic reaction to eggs, and everything changed. The Unhealthy Truth is both the story of how one brave woman chose to take on the system and a call to action that shows how each of us can do our part and keep our own families safe.
ISBN-10: 0767930711
ISBN-13: 978-0767930710

17. Good Clean Food: Shopping Smart to Avoid GMOs, rBGH, and Products That May Cause Cancer and Other Diseases – Written by Samuel Epstein MD (Author) , Beth Leibson (Author) , Gary Null PhD (Foreword)
Publishing Date: June 1, 2013
Description: Between GMOs, hormones, and pesticides, it sometimes feels like our food has become so artificial that shopping smart is impossible. How can we know for sure that the food we buy isn’t putting us at risk? If you’ve got questions, this practical, positive guide has answers. In it, leading public health advocate Samuel Epstein, MD, and coauthor Beth Leibson provide all of the information you need to make the best food choices for you and your family—in language you don’t need a PhD in biology to understand.
ISBN-10: 1616088214

ISBN-13: 978-1616088217

18. Resolve ALL Your Allergies, Food Intolerances, & Chemical Sensitivities Without Drugs – Written by Robert Wellesley
Publishing Date: October 22, 2012
Description:  Author Robert Wellesley was a businessman dominated by a lifetime of chronic allergy and health issues such as anxiety, fogginess, fatigue, acid reflux and depression. Motivated to finally feel ‘healthy’ and with typical allergy remedies seemingly of little help, Robert began a quest, seeing if food additives, plastics, and man-made chemicals were somehow linked to his chronic ill health.
ISBN-10: 1480159948
ISBN-13: 978-1480159945

19. Radical Medicine: Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies That Treat the Root Causes of Disease – Written by Louisa L. Williams
Publication Date: July 12, 2011
Description: Author Louisa L. Williams explores the impact of vaccinations, the excessive use of antibiotics, and the chemical-laden products used as health and beauty aids–which are linked to Alzheimer’s disease, heart attacks, and breast and other cancers–and provides information on cutting-edge detoxification treatments as well as drainage and nutritional therapies. A practical guide for practitioners and patients alike, Radical Medicine offers a wealth of holistic, natural therapies for overcoming what is poisoning us and our world so we can achieve optimal health and well-being.
ISBN-10: 1594774110
ISBN-13: 978-1594774119

20. The Food Allergy Cure: A New Solution to Food Cravings, Obesity, Depression, Headaches, Arthritis, and Fatigue – Written by Ellen W. Cutler
Publishing Date: March 20, 2001
Description:  If you are one of the nearly 90 million people (about one-third of the American population) who are forced to avoid certain foods, then you may have experienced one or several of the myriad of symptoms associated with food allergies, including sinusitis, chronic heartburn, asthma, chronic fatigue, and gastrointestinal distress. Relief from these conditions can now be found in Dr. Ellen Cutler’s revolutionary program, known as BioSET™. The Food Allergy Cure outlines this technique and will help you to combat your food allergies at their root.
ISBN-10: 0609606395
ISBN-13: 978-0609606391

21. Organic Manifesto: How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe – Written by Maria Rodale
Publishing Date: March 4, 2010
Description: Drawing on findings from leading health researchers as well as conversations with both chemical and organic farmers from coast to coast, Maria Rodale irrefutably outlines the unacceptably high cost of chemical farming on our health and our environment. She traces the genesis of chemical farming and the rise of the immense companies that profit from it, bringing to light the government’s role in allowing such practices to flourish. She further explains that modern organic farming would not only help reverse climate change by reducing harmful carbon emissions and soil depletion, but would also improve the quality of the food we eat, reduce diseases from asthma to cancer, and ensure a better quality of life in farming communities nationwide.
ISBN-10: 1605294853
ISBN-13: 978-1605294858

22. The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine: How self-empowerment, a raw vegan diet, and change of lifestyle can free us from sickness and disease – Written by Jesse J Jacoby (Author)
Publishing Date: November 6, 2012
Description:  By eating more raw fruits and vegetables, removing animal products and junk foods from our diet, and making healthier lifestyle choices we will soon find that we no longer need the vast amount of what we call ‘healthcare’. We will drastically reduce the costs associated with surgery and our dependence on toxic, synthetic chemical drugs. Incidence of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and obesity will plunge, and we – and Earth – will be much healthier.
ISBN-10: 0988592002
ISBN-13: 978-0988592001

23. The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet Written by Robb Wolf
Publishing Date: September 14, 2010
Description:  Do you want to lose fat and stay young, all while avoiding cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and a host of other illnesses? The Paleo Solution incorporates the latest, cutting edge research from genetics, biochemistry and anthropology to help you look, feel and perform your best. Written by Robb Wolf, a research biochemist who traded in his lab coat and pocket protector for a whistle and a stopwatch to become one of the most sought after strength and conditioning coaches in the world. With Robb’s unique perspective as both scientist and coach you will learn how simple nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes can radically change your appearance and health for the better.
ISBN-10: 0982565844
ISBN-13: 978-0982565841

24. True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure – Written by Andrew Weil (Author) , Sam Fox (Author) , Michael Stebner (Contributor)
Publishing Date: October 9, 2012
Description:  Showcasing fresh, high-quality ingredients and simple preparations with robust, satisfying flavors, the book includes more than 125 original recipes from Dr. Weil and chef Michael Stebner, including Spring Salad with Aged Provolone, Curried Cauliflower Soup, Corn-Ricotta Ravioli, Spicy Shrimp and Asian Noodles, Bison Umami Burgers, Chocolate Icebox Tart, and Pomegranate Martini. Peppered throughout are essays on topics ranging from farmer’s markets to proper proportions to the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet. TRUE FOOD offers home cooks of all levels the chance to transform meals into satisfying, wholesome fare.
ISBN-10: 0316129410
ISBN-13: 978-0316129411

Suggested Movies to Watch:

1. GMO Trilogy – 3 disk set

a) Unnatural Selection – Documents the impact of GM crops and animals

b) Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals – On the dangers of Genetically Engineered foods for kids

c) You’re eating WHAT? (60 Min CD) A lecture describing the health dangers of genetically engineered foods and how industry manipulation and political collusion allow them to diet.

2. The Future of Our Food – An in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade

3. Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food – This documentary exposes a vast conspiracy to contaminate and control the world’s food supply through genetic engineering of food crops. Leading scientists, researchers and activists present the facts that you need to know about genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

4. Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives – Never-Before-Seen-Evidence points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the US population, especially among children. Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and infertility are just some of the problems implicated in humans, pets, livestock, and lab animals that eat genetically modified soybeans and corn. Monsanto’s strong arm tactics, the FDA’s fraudulent policies, and how the USDA ignores a growing health emergency are also laid bare.

5. Food Inc. (Free) – Food, Inc. lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing how our nation’s food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. Food, Inc. reveals surprising and often shocking truths about what we eat, how it’s produced and who we have become as a nation.

6. Scientists Under Attack – Árpád Pusztai and Ignacio Chapela have two things in common. They are distinguished scientists, and their careers are in ruins. Both chose to investigate the phenomenon of genetic engineering. Both made important discoveries. Both are now suffering the fate of those who criticise the powerful vested interests that dominate big business and scientific research.

7. Silent Forest– The film details the dangerous impacts of genetically engineered trees on human health, native forests, forest-dwelling indigenous peoples and wildlife

8. Vanishing of the BeesHoneybees have been mysteriously disappearing across the planet, literally vanishing from their hives. Known as Colony Collapse Disorder, this phenomenon has brought beekeepers to crisis in an industry responsible for producing apples, broccoli, watermelon, onions, cherries and a hundred other fruits and vegetables. Commercial honeybee operations pollinate crops that make up one out of every three bites of food on our tables.

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