A message from Tara Cook-Littman cofounder of Citizens for GMO Labeling

At the core of our movement is the desire for transparency in our food and in our government. So when word leaked out that Secretary Vilsack was hosting a private, closed door meeting to hash out a GMO labeling compromise, the understandable gut reaction was to mistrust the process, the people in that room and the ultimate results of that meeting. In order to give these meetings the best possible chance of success, keeping them private was critical. I was proud to be a member of that team along with Gary Hirshberg from JLI, Scott Faber from EWG, Chris Miller from Ben & Jerry’s, and David Bronner from Bronner’s Soaps. We want to assure everyone that YOUR voice was heard. YOU were in that room. And we should all feel confident knowing that our representatives stood strong and united for mandatory, on package GMO labeling. We are all in this together. Our movement is stronger when we can trust each other and understand that we are on the same team. Read More

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GMO Free PA goes to Washington DC

GMO Free PA members went to Washington DC on December 9th, 2015 to speak to their representatives about the omnibus.  Annmarie Cantrell, Zofia Hausmann,  Milt Harwick, Linda Coulson, Phyllis Rubin and Ula Pasternak (not pictured) met with staffer’s at Senator Casey and Senator Toomey offices.  They also spoke with staffer’s from Congressman Dent and Congressman Pitts’ offices.  Congress Costello, Congressman Fattah and Congressman Brady took a few moments to meet with them along with engaging meetings with their staffers.  They distributed information packets to all PA House representatives and distributed thank-you cards to members who voted against the D.A.R.K. Act in July.  It was a full
productive day.
Read More

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Happy Thanksgiving From GMO Free PA – Gradititude


Gratitude for all who stand with us
Gratitude for the voices that speak and share their stories
Gratitude for  the farmers that grow the food we eat
Gratitude for the soil alive under our feet.
Gratitude for the seed’s everlasting life , rich in heritage and history.
We celebrate the friendship, the stand, the action
We show gratitude everyday
In this fight for food freedom
Along with our faith and our belief system
Prevailing wisdom of our soul
This gratitude cannot be defeated. Read More

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ACTION ALERT: Oct 31- Nov 1 Please attend Public Rallies with Signs for Senator Casey

Dear GMO Free PA Supporter,

We just found out that our Senator Bob Casey will be appearing at public rallies across the state this weekend. (He will be helping Governor Wolf get out the vote for this Tuesday’s election, November 3.) Please check the rally schedule below and attend at least one rally with friends and big, clear signs for Senator Casey to read.

Here’s a couple of suggested messages for signs:

: LABEL ALL GMOs in FOOD! Stand up for consumers in Senate Ag bill NOW!

Sen CASEY, NEED to Know if its GMO!! Mandatory Labels on GMOs

Sen. Casey is on the Senate Agriculture Committee, which is right now writing the senate version of the DARK Act.
House Bill H.R. 1599, which Denies Americans’ Right to Know how our food is produced, was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in July. For more info about the DARK Act, please go to our website

Many members of GMO Free PA have met with Senator Casey’s staff across the state and in Washington DC, providing information about GMOs and asking the Senator to represent consumers’ interests in senate GMO labeling legislation. Read More

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Would you take a few minutes and make your voice heard?

I know we all get overwhelmed at times with the many wars the corporations are waging against our Food.  I say that because I do.  On behalf of GMO Free PA I am asking you to take a few minutes and do this. 

=&0=& The Labeling of GMO Food, or the possibility of real democracy could essentially be shattered by the passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a secret trade deal negotiated in secret by trans-national corporations and appointed government officials.

The Senate is likely to vote tomorrow on whether to give Fast Track authority to the President to put the TPP in place.  In California, Senator Boxier is an ally of the people and has come out saying she’ll vote no on Fast Track.

Senator Feinstein, however will not commit and is being heavily lobbied by the White House. She really needs to hear from us. Read More

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GMOs Endanger Our Health and the Farmland

Genetically modified organisms are not usually the first topic of discussion when people decide to rescue an animal from a shelter. But this became a very popular subject in our home after we adopted a kitten a couple of years ago who developed severe food allergies. While searching for a remedy to our cat’s ailments on the internet, I came across the term GMO for the first time. I had no idea that pet food was so laden with GMOs. As I researched further, I was astonished to learn that our food was also full of them. Read More

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