Organic Daisy Flour

McGeary Organics
P.O. Box 299
Lancaster, PA 17608
Phone: 800-624-3279
Products/Services: We buy 100% organic grains from nearby farmers, beginning in New York and Pennsylvania,where the climate supports the soft winter wheat varieties that make up our white and whole wheat pastry flours.

Small Valley Milling**

1188 Mountain House Road
Halifax PA
Phone: 717-362-9850
Products/Services: We make 100% Natural and Organic Spelt Flour here in beautiful Central Pennsylvania.
Small Valley Milling is a family owned and operated organic flour mill located in Small Valley (7 miles from Halifax or 25 miles north of Harrisburg). The flour produced originates mainly from grain raised on the family-operated organic farm surrounding the mill and neighboring organic farms.
In 1975, we purchased the home farm to continue our farming heritage and start a family. After some research and ready for the challenge, we decided to transition to organic farming in 1997, and we continue to raise certified organic crops today.
The family’s interest in spelt grain lead to raising spelt on the farm and the construction of a facility to de-hull (remove the outer husk or shell) the grain so it can be enjoyed as nutritious whole grain or be milled into flour.
Small Valley Milling specializes in organic spelt, rye, emmer and wheat flours.

Weatherbury Farm**barn

1061 SugarRun road
Avella PA 15312
Phone: 724-587-3763
Products/Services: At Weatherbury Farm we grow most of our own seed, we plant it, we nurture it, we harvest it and we grind it in to wholesome flour for you. Like many fine wines we consider our flour an “estate flour” as everything from putting the seed in the ground to putting the flour in the bag is done here at Weatherbury Farm.  The fertile silt loam soil of our rolling hills contributes to the character and flavor of our organic grains.


 **Denotes a GMO Free PA Member