Ayala’s Herbal Water**

One Bala Plaza, 231 St. Asaphs Rd. Suite# 125
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Website: http://www.herbalwater.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HerbalWater
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HerbalWater
Products/Services:  Ayala’s Herbal Water infuses culinary herbs with pure artesian water, with no sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives and no additives of any kind, creating a zero-calorie beverage that adds a little zing to a healthier lifestyle. Awaken your body and your mind by sipping flavored waters and teas that rely only on natural, organic ingredients.

Bee Bountitledys**

24 N Bryn Mawr Ave
Suite 264
Bryn Mawr PA 19010
Phone: 808 333 6895
Email: info@beeboys.org
Website: https://www.beeboys.org/contact-us.html

Bee Boys are beekeepers/honeybee stewards focused on supporting and sustainably advancing Honey Bee health and vitality in the local community and the world.

We do this by educating our community about the importance of pollinator forage diversity and advocating for healthy environments that don’t rely upon poisons to manage landscapes and farms.

Foundationless beekeeping management, leaving at least 100lbs of honey on the hive for overwintering and utilizing wax the honeybees no longer use enables us to care for the honeybees without exploiting their hard work.

Local stores who carry our product;

Trove General – Paoli
Valley Forge Flowers – Wayne
Mostardi Nursery – Newtown Square
Arrowroot Natural Foods – Bryn Mawr
Weavers Way Coop – Chestnut Hill

Brads Raw Foods**

7034 Easton Rd Pipersville, PA 18947 215-766-3739
Products/Services: Brad’s Raw Chips & Crackers start out with a base of healthy vegetables and seeds, such as carrots, kale, red bell pepper, buckwheat groats & flax. Then, all of the ingredients are ground together, laid flat and cut. The shape and texture of the chips & crackers make them perfect for dipping!


Dutch County Soft Pretzels **Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 2.17.23 PM

Here in the Heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we twist and bake wholesome, delicious Dutch Country Soft Pretzels for your enjoyment. Once a well-kept local secret, today pretzel lovers from all over the world can enjoy our fresh-baked, all-natural soft pretzels and even make their own with our unique soft pretzel mix.

2758-1 Division Highway (Rt. 322)
New Holland, PA 17557
Phone: 717-354-4493
Fax: 717-354-5125

Monday – Saturday, 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Natural Awakenings **


Organnons Natural Market**

591 Durham Road
Wrightstown, PA 18940
Email: jim@organnons.com
Website: http://www.organnons.com
Products/Services: Organnons Natural Market offers all organic produce, non-GMO grocery and a variety of local products. They have an ever expanding inventory and all of their food is non-GMO.

Pennsylvania Dry Mix, Inc.**

Lancaster, PA
Website: http://www.padrymix.com
Contact: Bob Kelser, President
Email: bob.kelser@padrymix.com
Phone: 717-509-3520 Fax: 717-509-3521

Products: Pennsylvania Flour & Grain Mill Products Manufacturer. PA Dry Mix is Private Label Food Processor that blends and packages dry ingredients to be used for a variety of applications. A privately owned company based in Lancaster, PA. Our customers include franchises and wholesalers with a need for proprietary recipes. Our facility is inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and our products are approved both nationally and internationally. Our clients receive unparalleled service and quality. We strive to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers.

Randita’s Organic Vegan Cafe**

210 W. Main Street
Saxonburg, PA 16056
Email: Sbtc724@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.randitas.com
Products/Services: Randita Organic Vegan Cafe and Food Truck pride ourselves in serving all GMO Free, organic, vegan food. We work hard to educate our customers and community.

Popup Gourmet **

Philadelphia, PA
Email: Popupgourmet@yahoo.com

 ** Denotes a GMO Free PA Member

Top Baker Topings, LLC**



Website:  http://www.topbakertoppings.com/home.html
Contact: Susan Godfrey
Email: sgodfrey@topbakertoppings.com
Phone:  717-968-0347

Our gourmet clean label cane sugar products enhance the eye appeal, flavor, and value of your finished products.
Very convenient and simple to use, with space-saving storage.

Kosher certified.


** Denotes a GMO Free PA Member