Our Mission

GMO Free PA is a state-wide grassroots organization and we are here to empower all of you to re-connect with your food supply and support you in standing up for your need to know what is in your food.

Our mission is to publicize the newest research and information regarding the risks of genetically engineered foods, assist and educate consumers in selecting vendors and products that are GMO free, and advocate for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods.

It is estimated that over 80% of processed foods on our supermarket shelves now contain genetically engineered ingredients, and more than 150 genetically engineered species of crops are currently in development. With no long term safety tests conducted, our health and our children’s health may be at risk – so we must act now!

We must create a tidal wave for transparency.

This is it.

You are it!

GMO Free PA calls upon you today to join us. Help us educate and empower one another. Start a group in your area, or join an existing one.

We grow more powerful every day when we educate one another with new research. We grow more powerful every day when we exercise our fundamental rights and demand that food be labeled.

Pennsylvania has a labeling bill in the Senate and the House. GMO Free PA has created a campaign to support the labeling of GMOs called Need To Know GMO PA and we are using it as a tool to educate our families, friends, communities and elected officials. On average, we each eat our body weight in GMOs each year in a very large, uncontrolled experiment with human and environmental health. The public must be made aware. 64 countries around the world, including China & Russia, already mandate GMO labeling. The US is the only industrialized country that does not label its GMO’s.

This is the people’s movement and it’s going to take each and every one of US to stand up and DO OUR PART if we are to reclaim our food supply!

GMO Free PA is a registered 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization, however, donations to us are not tax deductible and the identities of donors do not have to be disclosed.

GMO Free PA is allowed to engage in unlimited lobbying activities, and can engage in some campaign activity, but it is not our prime activity. Education is our prime activity. To carry out this important work, increase awareness of the labeling bill and empower people to act upon it, we need your support.

Please become a member and join us in sending a message to our elected officials to pass An Act to Label Genetically Engineered Food.

Our campaign has already been endorsed by the following national organizations: Food Democracy Now, The Organic Consumers Association and The Institute for Responsible Technology.