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2479 Main Street
PO Box 129 Lambeth Station
London, Ontario, Canada
N6P 1P9
Tel: 519-203-CORN (2676)

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De Dell Seeds was established in 1999, and we are proud to be a family owned and operated Non-GMO Seed Corn Company! In addition to the conventional corn we offer certified organic seed corn. De Dell has consistent, proven, leading edge Non-GMO hybrids offered at a fair price that will work on your farm!

All of our hybrids are Non-GMO and will compete against any other seed corn on the market. De Dell Seeds does not use Neonicotinoids (insecticide) as a standard seed treatment. By choosing De Dell’s conventional corn you will maintain the health of your barns, the environment, the bees, your family, as well as have healthier profits on your farm.

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4401 Westown Parkway, Suite 225
West Des Moines, IA 50266
Tel:  866-769-7200

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Contact information:  Sales and Marketing Contact information:
Wayne Hoener, VP Business Deveopment: 515-225-6134, 515-314-1003(cell)
Janet Reents, VP Marketing: 515-225-6195
Corey Nikkel, COO: 515-225-6164

eMerge Genetics – Non GMO SoyBean Seeds – Our Story
The eMerge story is a different one than what you’ve heard from the seed industry before. It’s not about world domination. It’s not about living up to Wall Street expectations. It’s not about buying market share.

So, what is it about?

It’s about a growing demand for non-GMO products.
Today’s largest seed companies are all focused on GMO crops. But demand for non-GMO grain from consumers and food companies continues to grow both overseas and domestically. We’ve made it our mission to bring those who demand non-GMO grain together with those who grow it.

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logoStonebridge Ltd.**

3411 Midway Drive,
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
Tel:  (319) 277-4277 | (319) 277-4274 Fax
Headquartered in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Stonebridge Ltd. is a supplier of food grade and feed grade soybeans and corn. Because many products require specific characteristics, our goal is to match the appropriate grain to the requirements of our customers.

Stonebridge Ltd. is a licensed grain dealer, partnering with producers, cleaning facilities and local grain elevators. We supply identity-preserved non-GMO and organic soybeans / corn to domestic and international markets.
Our years of experience working with producers, researchers and other industry specialists enable us to determine which varieties best meet our customers’ specific requirements.

“Bridging the gap between worlds.”

Contact: Tim Daley
Producer Contracting
Cell: (319) 239-7143


Products:  Non- GMO and certified organic seed


202 Tiadaghton Ave.
Jersey Shore, PA  17740
Phone: 570-753-3210
Products: Conventional non-GMO and certified organic hybrid seed corn


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